The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) announced the award of a $30.7 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. for the creation of the Hispanic Career Pathways Initiative (HCPI), a comprehensive program to help Hispanic students navigate each step of their path from college to career. 

This six-year grant will help HSF, the nation’s largest nonprofit organization supporting Hispanic American students, provide a continuum of career support programs and services designed to give Hispanic college students the knowledge, networks, and skills needed to find meaningful employment and achieve career success in a knowledge-driven, global economy. To help with HCPI’s long-term sustainability, $5 million of the grant will be allocated to an endowment. This portion of the grant is subject to a matching condition to encourage other funders to contribute to HCPI’s endowment.

Through the grant, HSF will dramatically enhance its existing technology platform and will have the potential to provide direct career services to hundreds of thousands of Hispanic college students nationwide. Set to launch in September 2020, the HCPI will utilize a four-tiered approach to provide career discernment and career development programs to students.