The Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA) is excited to release the Career Pathways Toolkit: An Enhanced Guide and Workbook for System Development. The new Toolkit will be especially helpful for State offices and partners required to develop a Unified Plan as well as staff members supporting State Workforce Development Boards.

DOLETA revised the Career Pathways Toolkit  to align with the new vision, definition, and requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). It also reflects major advancements and emerging promising practices in the field over the past five years.

The enhanced Toolkit features the Introduction, Resources and the Six Key Elements of Career Pathways. Each element now includes embedded – and writeable – worksheets to help State and local teams with implementation. Users can type directly into the worksheet fields and save and print as they go along.

 Career Pathways: Six Elements - 1) Build Cross-Agency Partnerships and Clarify Roles, 2) Identify Sector or Industry & Engage Employers, 3) Design Education & Training Programs, 4) Identify Funding Needs & Sources, 5) Align Policies & Programs, 6) Measure System Change & Performance

Each section of the toolkit is available to be downloaded as a separate document.

  • Introduction
  • Element One: Build Cross-Agency Partnerships
  • Element Two: Identify Industry Sector and Engage Employers
  • Element Three: Design Education and Training Programs
  • Element Four: Identify Funding Needs and Sources
  • Element Five: Align Policies and Programs
  • Element Six: Measure System Change and Performance
  • Career Pathways Resources