Ability to Benefit (ATB) reduces barriers to accessing higher education for individuals without a high school credential. It also allows institutions to reach and serve these individuals by partnering with adult basic education, and better integrate their provision of financial aid with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) efforts the institution may already be undertaking. 

This session explains when financial aid can be awarded to ATB students, show how ATB unites student aid (like Pell Grants), WIOA, and Perkins Act activities, and provide examples of how it is being leveraged in institutions and states. 

The video looks at

• What is ability to benefit and why does it matter?

• How it can be used in coordination with efforts to implement WIOA

• Examples in the adult ed space that are applicable to ATB

• Issues hampering development of career pathways that accept ATB

• Questions and chance to story share your own programs or experiences