CTE is known to inspire and motivate students to develop many of the skills that employers most need across jobs and industries. 

Fact sheets from Association for Career and Technical Education include:

  • CTE TODAY! - Overview of CTE focusing on numbers that will grab the attention of busy legislators, industry leaders and their staff.
  • CTE: Readiness For All Careers - Connects the general workforce skills that employers most need with research demonstrating how CTE helps students develop skills with value across industries and career fields.
  • CTE Works for High School Students  - Research overview of CTE’s impact on student academic achievement, dropout rates, adult workforce needs, earnings and employment outcomes, the skills gap and state economies.
  • Investing in Career & Technical Education Yields Big Returns  - Statistics from return-on-investment research of CTE programs across the country, showing that the economic impact CTE can have locally, statewide and nationally is enormous.

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