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 DOL’s Chief Evaluation Office contracted with Abt Associates to conduct the Career Pathways Design Study to develop evaluation design options that could address critical gaps in knowledge related to the approach, implementation, and success of career pathways strategies generally, and in early care and education specifically, given the scarcity of research on it relative to healthcare.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act requires the Department of Labor to “conduct a multistate study to develop, implement, and build upon career advancement models and practices for low-wage healthcare providers or providers of early education and child care.”

Abt conducted knowledge development, Career Pathways Design Study Findings in Brief, by scanning career pathways studies and initiatives implemented as of February 2017 and consulting with 44 experts, then created a menu of evaluation design options to answer priority research questions. This brief gives a short overview of the project’s four reports:


The Career Pathways Research and Evaluation Synthesis examined 52 studies of career pathways approaches, and an accompanying matrix describes major career pathways research and evaluation studies;

The Career Pathways Implementation Synthesis reviewed 128 existing career pathways initiatives, and an accompanying matrix describes major initiatives (whether or not they included an evaluation); 

The Career Pathways in Early Care and Education (ECE) report examined the potential for career pathways approaches in early care and education; and

The Evaluation Design Options Report explored various research design options for evaluating career pathways approaches.



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