Are we on the brink of Something Big?

Author(s): Johan Uvin

Organizational Author(s): Institute for Educational Leadership

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IEL's president Johan E. Uvin published an article in the Council on Adult Basic Education Journal's recent special edition, Featuring Career Pathways. The article, titled "Are We on the Brink of Something Big," discusses the development of the federal policy framework for career pathways and the challenges facing the rapidly changing face of adult education and career pathways.

The article explores and acknowledges the work that drove federal policy development for career pathways, particularly the emergence of a federal policy framework for career pathway programs and systems in the 2000s and its evolution to what we have today, including the codification of career pathways in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014.

Further, the article examines the current state of career pathways policy and practice, including the need for supporting "robust career pathways implementation at scale, continued investments in evaluation, and innovation and ideation," as well as maintaining investements in evaluation of career pathways programs, policy, and systems.

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