Education Commission of the States researched Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) policies in all states to create this comprehensive resource.

This resource focuses on Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) policies, which refer to a process to award academic credit for prior learning. This process involves assessing the learning and workforce skills a student has acquired through life and employment experience. Assessments can be performed using a variety of tools such as a portfolio-based review, or internally or externally developed examinations. If the college or university determines the student’s knowledge to be equivalent to college-level learning, the student may be awarded academic credit.

Key Takeaways
Twenty-four states have PLA policies.
Nine states provide guidance regarding PLA-related costs and fees charged to students.
Eleven states address limits on the number of credits that may be awarded for prior learning.

50-State Comparisons
1. Does the state or statewide postsecondary system have PLA policy?
2. Does the state provide guidance to students on PLA costs or fees?
3. Does the policy allow or define limits for credit earned via PLA?
4. Are PLA credits transferable?