This is the first in a two-part series on workforce reinvention focusing on how state governments can use evidence-based strategies to tailor training programs. The next report will look at how governments can work with businesses to source talent and better meet industry demand.

The access to this WIOA data presents an opportunity for states to rethink their training efforts. There are several ways states can leverage this data to improve training and reskilling:

  • Efficacy information. Provide job seekers with more information on program efficacy so that they can choose the most appropriate training for their interests and ability.
  • Tailored training. By analyzing WIOA data based on participant characteristics—such as age and education level—identify opportunities for restructuring programs to better meet participant needs.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement. By comparing different types of WIOA services, and by comparing the outcomes of similar programs between states, it may be possible to identify successful approaches for scaling as well as opportunities for improvement.
  • Revisit training for mid-career/older workers. Data shows an opportunity to revise training approaches for older workers.